Whether the goals are play skills, conversations, or participating in a group or other, classes are designed to meet the social needs of the learners in our small groups. The skills are taught in fun, structured activities at the center and in the community with typically developing peers. Prior to starting, FLY schedules an initial meeting with the individual learner and parent to discuss appropriate social grouping and goals.  Individual and group goals are developed and reviewed with parents before implementation.

Dove (Ages 3-5)
The Doves learn to orient towards speakers and orient towards others when speaking, engage in functional and independent play with toys, follow 2-3 part commands in songs and activities, imitate play and actions, begin learning to play cooperatively with peers, make simple requests, and engage in simple social games.  Sign Up!

Robin (Ages 5-8)
The Robins learn to follow rules in simple games, imitate peers, gain peer’s attention, take turns, and follow group directions.  The children learn to be more independent while playing such as waiting and manipulating materials, building different structures with blocks and toys, and following sequence of play actions.  These skills are taught in structured classes during games, cooking, art and gross motor activities.  In addition, daily living skills are incorporated into the classes such as cleaning up and following schedules and routines. Sign up!

Owl (Ages 8-11)
The Owls learn to interact with peers by initiating play and engaging in simple conversations, follow group directions and increase attention to activities.  These skills are taught while playing board games, electronic games, and sports in the park and also during structured group lessons on monthly themes and topics.  Community based instruction will also be provided to learn skills such as walking together, following street signs, and waiting in stores. Sign up!

Raven (Ages 11-14) 
The Ravens learn to socialize and engage in conversational interactions, recognize feelings of others, recognize and interpret body language and gestures, and adapt to different environments.  These skills are taught through games, recreational activities, cooking lessons and community outings. The Ravens will also work on essential life skills including shopping and purchasing items in stores, prepping food, participating in physical fitness, and improving daily living skills. Sign up!

Jay (Ages 14-17)
The Jays learn to socialize with peers and also develop life skills.  The classes teach them to monitor their own behaviors in groups, recognize feelings of others, learn how to join in activities, learn how to help others and when to seek help,  and adapt to, as well as navigate, different environments.  These skills are taught both at the center and in the community, including restaurants, library, park, and grocery stores.  Sign up!